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In case your car doesn’t have parking sensors, you don’t have to change the car. It might be enough to get the car parking sensors separately. Today, we’ll review some popular kits that bring drivers a possibility to park much easier.

Some manufacturers offer a selection of colors to help you pick something suitable for your car. The sets may also contain 4 sensors or 8. They are installed on the sides of the car. When you park, the sensors measure the distances to the nearby objects. As soon as you get too close, the sensors usually give a sound alarm. Such sensors prevent plenty of unfortunate incidents.

In addition to them, most users receive a LED display indicator, a hole opener, a power cord and a manual. Make sure they are made of high-quality materials and reliable technology.

Before you buy Car Parking Sensor, you need to settle down on the solution you want. Sometimes, there is no need to buy 8 sensors when you can use other solutions.

The selection below also includes some other related accessories like a parking air heater, a car backup monitor, etc. The latter can completely replace the car parking system. It has a great advantage. This backup monitor is not only compact but shows you the image of what’s happening behind the car.

It’s very easy to order Car Parking Sensor from the selection below. Each model is carefully picked to deliver the best quality services at affordable prices.

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Overview Car Parking Sensor

1: Front sensor detection range: 0.98~3.28 feet Rear sensor detection range: 0.98~7.54 feet
2: Digital LCD display (digital and light). Helps provide greater security for passengers, pedestrians and family members who happen to be moving around the vehicle

Rate voltage 12V DC
Rate current 100mA – 300mA
Ultrasonic frequency 40KHz
Control mold working temperature -30 – 80 degrees Celsius
Display working temperature -20 – 70 degrees Celsius
Sensor diameter 18mm
Installation method drilling

Sound: heartbeat type, recent alarm is faster
When reversing: 4 parking sensors (all sensors working), 6 parking sensors (all sensors working) and 8 parking sensors (only 6 sensors work, the last 4, the first 2)
Operation during braking: 4 parking sensors (sensorless operation), 6 parking sensors (2 sensors working in front) and 8 parking sensors (4 sensors in front of the car)
Shipping list:
LCD Display* 1
Host* 1
Radar Detector* 4
Display Sticker* 1
Power Cable* 1
English User Manual* 1
Hole Drill* 1
Retail Box* 1

1/3 color CMOS High-definition image chip

 Rated voltage DC12V
 Total Pixels720*480 pixels
 Lens Angle 170 degree
 Resolution600TV lines
 Waterproof  IP67
 Detect distance 0-2.0m
 Alarm by Four-step bibi sound Volume 65DB

Display the distance and image of obstacles on the screen
DS-388 with two sensors
High-performance radar sensor to accurately measure the obstacle distance
Heartbeat BIBI buzzer alarm
The reverse video and obstacle distance data simultaneously displayed on the monitor, allowe you to accurately grasp the car situation.
Low illumination camera, excellent night vision waterproof effect
When the car into reverse gear, reversing lamp lights up, automatic startup radar system.

TFT-LED Color Monitor
Foldable and portable
2 viedo inputs
Easy to install and use
Support NTSC/PAL Video system
Monitor Specification:
Foldable and portable

 Show foot size 4.3 inches. Best for the safe use of Rear view
 Displays TFT-LCD, high-definition screen, make the image clearer, more vivid colors

Rear view in priority

 Video systemNTSC/PAL
 Power supply DC 12V +/-10%
 Operation temperature-20 degress Celsius to 50 degress Celsius

Camera Specification:
Resolution: 420 TV lines
Lens Angle: 170 degree
Power supply: DC 12V Effective pixels: 628 X 586 pixels/510 x 496 Pixels Operation temperature:-20 degress Celsius to 50 degress Celsius
Camera Specification:Easy to install and use

And New And High Quality
Mini Main Unit, Alarm Buzzer With 4 Sensors System
Simple To In Ll
4 Spacers Ofarate Sensors, Can Adjust The Angle Of The Sensor
With 5 Different Of Audible Alarm By Di Nce Frequencies
Technical Parameters:

 Rated Operating Voltage 12V Dc (Dc 9 6 – 16V Wide Operating Voltage)
 Operatingt 20-180Ma
 Sensing Di Nce 30-250Cm
 Viewing Di Nce 30-250 Cm(Display Precision Cm)
 Alarm Volume 80Db
 Operating Temperature-40 Celsius – +80 Celsius
 Ultrasonic Frequency 40Khz+/-1Khz


 Working voltage DC 9-15V
 Rated voltage DC 12V
 Power consumption up to 1.5W
 Response distance 0.4-2.0 meters
 Alarm distance 0-2 meters
 Display Mode Any type of TFT monitor
 Sensor angle X, Y, 60 degrees
 Operating temperature -30 ℃ ~ +80 ℃
 Alarm Type BIBI
 Alarm volume 65dB

Alarm frequency:
1.6-2.0m:0.5 HZ(slowness)
1.1-1.5m :1 HZ(slowness)
0.6-1.0m:3 HZ(commonly)
0-0.4m :BI—–
The number shows from 2.0m to 0m
1. Retrieve the reference line (electronic scale line), indicating obstacles around and the obstacle distance at a glance.
2. Digital and color LED display.Digital photographic processing chip, night vision obvious effect
3. Multi-layer waterproof design, real high-pressure cleaning and soaking waterproof
4. Mounted on the back of the handle and license plate light with washer screws
5. Waterproof
6. Automatically work when reversing

OSD Language: Chinese (Simplified),English
Talk Range: 0.3-2.4
Model Name: pz300
Material Type: plastic
Car Maker: universal
4 sensor system, double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection (0-2.5m).
With digital colored LED display (number & light).
Help to prevent dangerous and costly collisions.
Help to provide increased safety for passengers, pedestrians and family members who happen to be around the moving vehicle.
Detect small children and low walls as well.
Anti-freeze and rain proof.
Easy to install.
A saw drill head included.

 Rate voltage 12V DC
 Rate operating range 10.5V – 16V DC
 Rate current 100mA – 300mA
 Detecting distance 0.3 – 2.0m
 Ultrasonic frequency 40KHz
 Control moudle working temperature -30 – 80 celcius degree
 Display working temperature -20 – 70 celcius degree
 LED display size 9 * 1.5cm
 Display weight 88g
 Main control box size 10.5 * 6 * 2cm
 Main control box weight 63g


 Color Black
 Type Digital TFT LCD
 Display Size 4.3″
 Display Format 16×9
 Power ≤3W
 Supply Voltage DC 12V
 Video AV2
 System NSTC
 Contrast 350×1
 Pixel 480*234
 Operating Temperature -20°C~ 60°C
 Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C

Monitor: Approx. 11.7×7.5x2cm/ 4.6x3x0.78″
Camera: Approx. 2x2cm/ 0.78×0.78″
Video Cable Length: Approx. 6m/ 236″
Universal rearview backup camera + 4.3inch LCD screen
Display image on the screen
A simple solution for car reverse system
Small and compact design
Simple installation for installers

1. The LCD display is easy to read.
2. With control button function fuel filling manual mode, timing start or stop, time setting, etc.
3. Great: The parking heater controller is user-friendly and supports timing start or stop. Remote control pairing is convenient and fast.
4. Special design: The parking heater knob controller has a manual fueling mode and is quickly set by the knob. The product has been thoroughly tested before shipment to ensure the product is perfect.
5. Widely used: 12V / 24V power supply voltage parking heater controller, suitable for cars, trucks, etc.
Custom model: universal
Voltage: 12/24 V.
– Remote control pairing.
– Fuel filling manual mode.
– Timing starts or stops.
– Set time.
Remote control Om code description.
In the off setting state, press the first button and press the confirmation button to retain more than 3 seconds. Go to the remote control startup code interface, display HFA, press the remote control remote control code, the code exits the code interface, the machine is in the ship state, if the code fails, it will not enter the ship state. The code timeout will automatically exit the code state.

Product standard:
Main components: 1 host, 4 probes, 1 display,
Accessories: 1 hole opener, 1 power cord, 1 manual, 2 double-sided adhesive stickers

 Type LED parking sensor
 Display type LED
 Power supply voltage 12V (V)
 Power 2 (W)
 Probe 4 (pieces)
 Alarm prompt Yes
 Detection range 2.5 meters
 Reminder type digital band display
 Working temperature -30~70 (°C)
 Screen size 10CM

1: All digital distances of the probe are displayed: The traditional reversing radar will only provide a digital display and only show the distance of a recent obstacle. Reversing radar with full digital display distance, subverting traditional design, front and rear probe data, processed by different processors. When obstacles are encountered, each probe displays distances of obstacles with numbers, which can be clear when reversing. Seeing the actual digital distance of obstacles encountered by each probe behind the car, makes reversing easier, more convenient, and safer.
2: Intelligent start function: the traditional 6 probe or 8 probe reversing radar, the front of the probe is powered by the brake light, when the driver brakes, regardless of whether there is no obstacle in front of the car, the monitor will immediately light up, light and light This will affect the driver’s vision and make it a safety hazard, especially at night. The reversing radar with full digital display is completely new in design and smarter. When the brake is applied, the radar starts. However, at this time, the display does not light up. When an obstacle enters the detection area, the monitor will start working. When the obstacle before the car reaches a standstill of 5 seconds, the radar stops prompting the audio distance to reduce the interference of the audio to the passengers and passengers. It is more human and scientific.
3: The new upgrade: the traditional 6 or 8 probe reversing radar, when reversing, just start the rear four probes. The reversing radar with full digital distance display has a brand-new upgrade, dual-core work, and reversing. When starting the rear four probes, it will also start the two probes on the left and right side of the front of the car, effectively reducing the blind misjudgment of the left and right blind spots, and preventing Rub corners when reversing.
4: Multi-function button: Traditional parking sensor, single alarm sound, if it is not a buzzer, if it is not a voice, it cannot be provided to the user. The full-display reversing radar provides sound switching buttons. The user can use the display’s switching button to mute, buzzer, Chinese/English voice (optional), or voice (optional)+beep. Where you switch from one to the other.
5: Voice button: The traditional parking sensor, in order to save costs, generally does not provide the volume plus and minus functions, because this requires a strong CPU support. The digital display reversing radar provides 3 levels for the user to control the volume, only the real dual-core can do it.
1. Ultra-thin yellow screen, low carbon environmental protection, making installation more convenient;
2. Strong anti-interference and reliability and easy installation;
3. All selected high-quality components, quality assurance;
4. Advanced production line and production technology, perfect testing, strict quality control, and stable and reliable porformance;
5. Unique algorithm to detect obstacles with accurate distance, stable reading and quick response;
6. All-weather, wide-range probe adaptability and prevention of false alarms in complex environments;
7. Probe self-test and fault indication function, to ensure the best working condition at any time;
8. Humanized display mode + heartbeat buzzer tone + live voice distance reminder, making parking more relaxed, convenient, and safe;
9. The LCD monitor is beautifully displayed with detailed indications of front, rear, left and right obstacle directions and distances;
10. With 8 probes, all around sensring;
Function Description
1. Obstacle between the front and left side
2. Distance between two sensors, obstacle detection in the center of the vehicle
3. Right front distance obstacle
4. Distance to the nearest obstacle
5. Distance to rear obstacles
6. Distance between two sensors, obstacle detection in the center of the vehicle
7. Distance to the rear of the car
8. Distance to the nearest obstacle
9. Effective sun shades
10. Volume button
11. The sound of the button switch, 4 types
12. Volume key down

 Rated working voltage DC 12V
 Operating voltage range DC 10V~ 16V
 Working current 20mA~ 500mA
 Front radar detection distance 0.2~ 1.0m
 Rear radar detection distance 0.2~ 2.5m
 Ultrasonic frequency 38kHz/40kHz
 Host operating temperature -40℃~ +85℃
 LCD display operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ +60℃
 Buzzer tone sound working temperature -40℃~ +85℃
 Voice tone working temperature -20℃~ +75℃
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