BIUBLE 12V 12000Mah Car Jump Starter LED Battery Charger Booster Emergency Power Bank For Outdoor Car Stalled Suddenly

BIUBLE 12V 12000Mah Car Jump Starter LED Battery Charger Booster Emergency Power Bank For Outdoor Car Stalled Suddenly

1x Outdoor car emergency start power
1x Upgrade battery clip line
1x USB
1x Cigarette lighter
1x Storage box
Peak current: 600A
Starting current: 300A
USB output: 5V/9V-2A
Type-c USB: 5V/1A
DC output: 12V-10A
Charging time:6 hours
Led power: 1W
Weight: 456g
Working temperature: 10℃-60℃
Product size(LWH): 17.5X7.9X3.9cm
Emergency Battery Power: The product is designed to jump start all 12V battery systems on vehicles with up to 4.5L gasoline engines and on vehicles with 3.0T diesel engines. The unit can provide 600A peak current
Multifunction Power Bank and LED Light: The product is also a multi-function general purpose power bank with 12000mAh capacity. This unit can charge your electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, and e-watches using its two 5V 2A USB charging ports. It also has a 12 output port. Built-in a 3 in 1 high-power LED light, it can be used as a general purpose work light, a flashing white signal light, or SOS.
Portable and Convenient: The product is compact and small enough to store in your vehicle glove box. Having this portable jump starter with you at all times will ensure that you will never have to wait at the side of the road or ask for help because of a dead battery.
Safety Protection: The product has built-in protection for short circuits, over-temperature, reverse-polarity, over-current, low/high voltage, and voltage overload conditions.
Great Convenience for Your Needs:The car jump starter features a big LCD display with the numeric output of battery and percentage of battery consumption, so it’s much easy to read and prevents low battery power occurs. LED lights ensure your safety in case of staying in the dark, and the embedded compass leads you to the right way when you are lost in the outdoors.
Please read the instructions carefully before using.
Dont attempt to jump start any engine that exceeds the maximum displacement the charging unit can bear, or it will cause serious damage to the jump start unit.
Your jump starter will perform best when its battery is fully charged. If the charge is less than 25percent, it may not be able to start your engine.
Allow the jump starting unit to cool down for at least 30 seconds after each jump-start.
Disconnect the charging unit from the car batter within 30 seconds after the engine is started.
After the product starts the automobile, cannot immediately charge, must put for a period of time first, when after the battery cools, only then can the product charge.
Pls make the unit have a rest, stop start it again and again or it will be damaged because of high temperature,thanks for your understand.

Product type: Car Chargers

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