RUCCESS 3 In 1 Car DVR Mirror with Rear View Camera Video Recorder Radar Detector for Russia

RUCCESS 3 In 1 Car DVR Mirror with Rear View Camera Video Recorder Radar Detector for Russia

RUCCESS STR-LD400-G 3-in-1 combo devices combine the functions of a mirror DVR and a radar detector with a GPS module.
The DVR records everything that happens in high resolution, saving the most important points in a separate folder and protecting them from deletion during dubbing. The radar detector detects signals in the radar bands and notifies the user of speed control in the area. And finally, the GPS antenna allows you to warn the user about fixed radars and cameras that do not send radar signals, and also makes the movement process more comfortable by turning off signals about radar signals when driving at a speed lower than the selected
The excellent design and high-quality Korean radar motherboard make these Ruccess models the leaders in their market segment, guaranteeing high quality and user convenience.
Its adjustable lens is useful to make a more beautiful picture and design of the strap so that the user can easily install it.

1.1 Highway / City 1 / City 2 / City 3 modes to reduce false positives. This will not attract the driver’s attention with unnecessary signals. Various high-speed filters for the most comfortable operation of the device.
1.2 Speed of radar mute setting is designed to set the cut-off, below which the radar detector will notify the driver of the radar only by displaying it on the display. If the threshold is exceeded, sound and voice alerts will be added. Thanks to this function, the STR-LD200-G radar detector attracts the driver’s attention only to significant police radar signals.
1.3 A new generation radar module based on the high performance ST MicroElectronics processor. fourth generation built-in South Korean radar, 360 degree overview.
1.4 The ability to manually adjust the volume of warning signals, automatic volume down mode, voice notification in Russian.
1.5 Determination of radar signals in all relevant ranges – X, K, Ka and laser meter signals (including LISD and Amata), as well as signals from the Strelka complex (more than 1 km), Robot, Multiradar, Avtodoriya, Places, 《Spark》,《Chris-P》 ,《Vizier 》, 《Falcon》 , 《Binar》 , 《Radis》 , 《Arena》 , etc. Determination of signal strength, including signal strength Arrows.

2.1 XHD 1080P
The main goal of RUCCESS STR-LD400-G is to fix the traffic situation. To do this, use an integrated camera that allows you to record in Full HD 1080P format. This helps to obtain the highest quality materials. Thanks to this, you can see the smallest details of what happened and accurately reconstruct events . This will help the driver prove his innocence and find the real culprit in the accident.
This is the first 3-in-1 DVR radar detector that can support dual recording. The resolution of the front camera is Full HD 1080P, and the rear camera is HD720P.
The camera is equipped with a lens with a viewing angle of 170 °, thanks to this, the frame receives everything that happens ahead of the event on neighboring ranges, traffic signs, traffic lights, pedestrian behavior and much more. Ruccess helps capture the most important details that at first glance may not seem fundamental .
Many drivers want to buy this device, because the model is equipped with a modern 3.0-inch display. On it you can watch videos at any suitable time, as well as prove to the police that he is innocent. In addition, the screen helps to set the necessary video playback settings.
Video recording is in MOV format. All data is recorded on a microSD memory card, the volume of which can reach 64 GB.

3. GPS
The registrar uses a GPS module and a database with the coordinates of the places where the stationary systems for measuring speed are installed. The model constantly determines the location of the car in real time. As soon as it approaches this issue, the driver will receive information about it in a timely manner.
More than 30,000.00 pcs of data in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,Lithuania, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus and so on. Early updated the database every 1 months.
The GPS module greatly expands the functionality of the DVR. Thanks to it, you can at any time find out the location of the car, see the route that follows, the speed and other data that can be obtained from the satellite. Ruccess If necessary, some of them are applied directly to the recording.

Item Type: Car DVR
Brand Name: RUCCESS
Model: STR-LD400-G
Chipset Manufacturer: Mstar MSC8328P
Imaging Sensor: AR0238
Camera Resolution: 2304×1296@30fps/1920×1080@30fps/1280×720@60fps
Cyclic Recording:1Min/3Mins/5Mins
GPS Tracker:Support
LCD Display:5 inches
Dual Lens:Support
Microphone: Support
Special Features: Overspeed Reminding/Radar Detector/Night Vision/With Rearview Mirror
Interface: Micro SD/TF
Interface: USB2.0
Memory Card Required Reding Speed: Class 10
Assembly Mode: Mirror Car DVR
OSD Language: Russian/English/Chinese (Simplified)
Screen Ratio: 16:9
Original Package: YES
Video Format: MOV
View angle: 170°
Battery: Built-in
GPS logger: Internal
Max External Memory: 64GB
Touch Screen: NO
Frames Per Second: 30
Number Of Lenses: 2 Lenses
Video Code: H.264
Free Update: Yes
Power Supply: 12 V
Built-in Battery: Super Capacitor
Operating Temperature: From –20°С to + 70°С
Storage Temperature: From –40°С to + 80°С
Permissible Humidity: 93% RH (40°С)
Manufacturer’s Warranty: 12 Months

X-band: 10.525 ± 100 MHz
K-band: 24.125 ± 175 MHz
Police Car Ka-band: 34.300 ± 1300 MHz
Portable Ka Tripod: 13.450 ± 125 MHz
Ku band: 13.450 ± 125 MHz
Manual Laser Beam: 904mn ± 33MHz
Strelka: 24.15GHZ ± 100MHz

Detection of The Strelka Complex (Mobile and Stationary): Yes
Detection of Radars “Multiradar” (Robot, Jenoptik Robot): Yes
Detection of Medium Speed Control Ssystems (Autodoria): Yes
Detection of Radar Ttype “LISD” : Yes
Image Brightness Setting: Yes

Laser Radiation Detector: Yes, 800-1000nm
Laser Detector Viewing Angle: 360 °
Support Modes: Ultra-K, POP
Signal Receiver (radio channel): Superheterodyne
Signal Processing (Radio Channel): Digital
DSP – Digital Signal Processing: Yes

City Mode: Yes
highway Route: Yes
Disabling Individual Ranges: Yes

Information output
Display Information: LCD Screen
Brightness Adjustment: Yes
Volume Control: Yes
Mute: Yes
Auto Mute: Yes
Voice Alert: Yes

1x Car DVR
1x Rear Camera
1x GPS Model
2x Lacing
1x Car Charger
1x Data Cable
1x User Manual
1x Card Reader

Product type: Car DVRs

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